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2024-04-19 Art as a Catalyst for Global Understanding

Art as a Catalyst for Global Understanding 2024: An International Student Research Symposium

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2024-04-11 Nicholas Whittaker

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2024-04-04 Hannah Chalew

Hannah Chalew is an artist, educator and environmental activist raised and currently working in New Orleans. She received her BA from Brandeis University in 2009, and her MFA from the Cranbrook…

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2024-04-03 Josh Kiely - Michael Abrahamson

Joss Kiely is an Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati where he teaches courses in architectural history and design studio. Michael…

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2024-03-27 Carrie Strickland

Carrie Strickland (SAID Alumni, BArch, Architecture 1992-1999) has deeply influenced development of the urban core for the past 16 years. Strickland’s work includes adaptive reuse, new…

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2024-03-07 Stevie Famuulari

Stevie Famulari Gds is an artist, author, researcher, green design specialist, founder & principle of Engaging Green and professor of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Urban Design. She…

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2024-02-22 Leah Dixon

Multi-disciplinary artist Leah Dixon builds work that marks the cultural phenomena that take shape in spaces where conflict begins to harmonize. Her wide-scale sculptural and social practice is…

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2024-02-29 Artworks Entrepreneurial Panel

ArtWorksEntrepreneurialPanel Evan Hildebrandt, Cameron Lee,and Nile Otte will bep resenting their own experience with creative entrepreneurship while also working at ArtWorks, who as an organization…

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2024-02-22 Greg Landsman

Congress and the Urban Agenda DAAP School of Planning Lecture Series

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2024-02-21 Derek Hoeferlin

Derek Hoeferlin, AIA, affiliate ASLA, is principal of [dhd] derek hoeferlin design, an award-winning architecture, landscape, and urban design practice based in St. Louis. He is an associate…

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2024-02-14 Roberto de Leon

Roberto de Leon, FAIA is a partner and co-founder of de Leon & PrimmerArchitecture Workshop (DPAW), a collaborative design studio focusing on public projects with a cultural, civic or…

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2024-02-12 Jeff Bell

Jeffrey Bell is a showrunner, writer, director and executive producer. He began his television career writing for The X-Files. On the series, Angel, he was promoted to executive producer and…

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2024-01-18 Sagar Shah

Dr. Shah is a Community Planner and researcher with 15+ years of professional and academic experience in planning and development. In his current role as the Planning and Community Health…

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2024-01-17 Paula Meijerink

Dense Matter: Hard, Tough, and Ferocious Paula’s engagement with landscape is from a political perspective and she sees the act of design as agency for change. Her…

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2023-11-16 Jungyoon Kim

Jungyoon Kim is the founding principal of PARKKIM, a Seoul-based landscape architectural firm practicing beyond the conventional boundary of the profession, and an Assistant Professor in Practice of…

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2023-11-09 Laura Splan

THE VISITING ARTISTS & SCHOLARS SERIES Laura Splan is a transdisciplinary artist working at the intersections of science, technology, and culture. Her research-based studio practice culminates…

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